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Jacob Edwards.
Artist. Friend.


I am Jacob Edwards. I am a human being. My brain is funny. It’s very difficult for me to express my anger and frustration in this world, so it comes out in my art. That’s not to say these things don’t come out when I don’t want them to— I’m just as awful as anybody else. I’m just trying to understand why my brain has these constant negative feelings.

People and animals are often distorted in my work because I find everything to be so alien. Why is it that things are so difficult to understand? I’m sure I look as ridiculous to a cow as a cow looks to me.

Of course, cows cannot express their bovinity (inner thoughts and feelings) through words, art, music, and so on; while we humans are able to express our humanity. Not that I think that there is a lot going on in the brains of cows, I’m just using this as a goddamn example.

I do not find it difficult to express my awkwardness in this world, but I also put that into the work. Organs are often part of the drawings because I concentrate too much on their functions in my body, especially the thoracic organs.

My heart beats at crazy irregular intervals, and I can’t make myself breathe even though I have the ability. I’m probably worried about how I’m breathing and what the hell to do with my hands while I’m talking to you. That makes things so uncomfortable.

Please, don’t misunderstand— I want to meet you. I love to meet individuals, but it’s the faceless masses that scare me. I do love humanity. I love what people can do. I love the arts. I love people who explore and express their emotions in constructive ways.

I hope you enjoy my work. It’s okay if you don’t. Thank you for looking.

Jacob Y. Edwards